Toothbrush sanitation

August 13, 2007

How clean is your toothbrush? Or rather, how dirty is your toothbrush?

A moist toothbrush sitting on a bathroom countertop is a breeding ground for bacteria, especially since a bathroom can be the most unclean room in a typical house.  Those standard toothbrush holders where the brush sits upside down are basically the equivalent of your toothbrush yelling “I’m over here” to all the bacteria floating around.

Even worse, when you use the toilet, micro droplets of whatever was in it can be thrust into the bathroom air, eventually to land on your screaming toothbrush.  That’s enough to make me ill just hearing about it…

There is research (google “toothbrush sanitizer” for a start) that indicates dirty toothbrushes & bacteria entering thru the mouth can lead to serious illness, so what to do? There are 2 possible easy solutions:

1) Store your toothbrush in a glass of mouthwash (with the bristles immersed in case that’s not obvious). This will kill any nasty stuff inhabiting it & prevent more from immigrating. A nice bonus is that your toothbrush will be all minty fresh. Be sure to change the mouthwash & wash the glass fairly often though as it can get a bit icky looking too after awhile.

2) Get a toothbrush sanitizer. This is what I did—I bought a Violight (, but there are a few other makes around. They are all basically the same idea: an ultraviolet light sterilizes your toothbrush as it sits in the holder. Also prevents any more bathroom cooties from landing on it between uses. Kinda gives your bathroom that blacklight nightclub kinda look too if you like that sort of thing.


One Response to “Toothbrush sanitation”

  1. Martin Calle Says:

    Detox your toothbrush with OraQuel.

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