Avoid pasteurized and homogenized foods

June 18, 2007

Homogenization is a recent process, widespread since the 1940s or so, where the fat globules in dairy products are forcibly broken up in order to make them smaller & uniform (homogenous) in size.

If you put regular milk, straight from the cow, in your refrigerator the cream will rise to the top. You will have a layer of cream on top of what is essentially skim milk. Homogenization prevents cream from rising to the top by making its particles smaller & less likely to float. This is what allows us to buy 2% milk, instead of just whole or skim milk.

The potential problem is that because the fat globules are so small they may scar your arteries. Scarring of the arteries means the arterial walls are no longer smooth, and therefore easier for plaque or cholesterol to attach itself and begin to clog your arteries. This can eventually lead to a heart attack.

There are other potential problems related to homogenization (cancer, diabetes) as well, so I suggest reading the links below, doing a search on “homogenized dairy products,” and decide for yourself.

As with many health topics nowadays there are the group or doctors and experts that say “this” is true, and another group that says “that” is true. I, for one, have decided to pretty much eliminate dairy from my diet—milk anyhow. I still enjoy cheese & yogurt, but have reduced my intake, and will be doing some research & reading on these as I have heard contradictory info on the health benefits/risks of these as well.

One other interesting point that was made on one site that I read was that humans are the only mammals that drink the milk of other mammals. And we do it into adulthood. Even cows don’t drink cow’s milk very long after they are born…

Pasteurization is a process where dairy products, among others, are heated to kill potentially disease-causing bacteria. The problem here is that it also reduces much of the nutrient content of dairy products and destroys its live enzymes. Because much of the good bacteria that actually fight contamination are killed off during pasteurization, pasteurization itself becomes even more necessary! Pasteurization is probably not as problematic as homogenization, but it is something to be aware of.

Today it’s illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in many areas due to the belief that raw milk causes or carries sickness. However, if you read the article below at westonaprice.org you may want to reconsider drinking commercial milk at all, given the environment in which commercial dairy cows live.

Again, I encourage you do to do further research & reading on your own & make you own decisions. I had no idea there was even a possible health hazard from milk or dairy products until a couple months ago, and what I have learned since is disturbing. I only hope to let you know of the possible health threats in everyday practices that we are often unaware of—things we think are healthy are often not. I thought drinking milk was a healthy habit, but I now avoid it. I shop for unpasteurized, organic, unhomogenized dairy products now if I can find them.

Some further reading:




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